During the Appalachian Underground Corrosion Short Course, NACE International offers examinations to help corrosion professionals earn specialized certifications in various categories and levels. Registered Appalachian Underground Corrosion Short Course attendees may apply to take the NACE certification exam for Corrosion Technician or any other NACE stand-alone certification exam including Corrosion Technologist, Senior Corrosion Technologist, Specialty Areas, and Corrosion Specialist. A completed form for exam registration must be submitted to NACE prior to taking any examination. Attendees wishing to take the NACE certification exam need to register through NACE Headquarters before May 1 each year. Please note that any payments made to AUCSC for any of the programs associated with the conference are separate from the NACE certification exam fees, and all exam fees must be collected by NACE before the exam may be taken.

NACE International Institute Certification Exams - General Information

  • The NACE certification exams are offered on Thursday during the week of the Short Course from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • AUCSC attendees may take an exam at any time on Thursday, as long as they completed their exams by 5:00 pm.
    (For example, if you’re taking a 4-hour exam, you must start taking the exam by 1:00 pm; if you are taking a 2-hour exam, you must start taking the exam by 3:00, etc.)
  • For more information regarding NACE Certification Exams, please refer to the NII Examinee User Guide.
Certification Exam Time Number of Questions Fee
Senior Corrosion Technologist 8 hours* 125 $150.00
Corrosion Specialist 8 hours* 228 $150.00
Protective Coating Specialist 4 hours 92 $150.00
Corrosion Technologist 4 hours 100 $100.00
Corrosion Technician 2 hours 50 $100.00
*exam begins at 8AM

Please complete the registration form and send it to Marie Newton no later than May 1.
For any additional information please contact NACE by phone at (281) 228-6211.