Appalachian Underground Corrosion Short Course
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— 2018 Short Course: May 15-17, 2018


Each year in May, AUCSC conducts a three-day training course, offering over 100 classes on the causes of corrosion, corrosion surveys, cathodic protection, instrumentation, pipeline coatings, and miscellaneous methods of corrosion control.


Pre-registration will open in January 2018.


Exhibits and Registration for AUCSC 2017 will be held at the Mylan Park Ruby Community Center in Morgantown, WV.

AUCSC classes will be held on WVU's Evansdale campus, but Exhibits and Registration will not be held at WVU. Shuttle buses will run from Mylan Park to the Evansdale campus. Free parking is available at Mylan Park.

Upon your arrival at the Short Course, please pick up your course materials at the Pre-Registration Desk. The Pre-Registration Desk is located in the Mylan Park Ruby Community Center, 101 Mylan Park Lane, Morgantown, WV 26501

Updated Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Texts are Available for Download

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About the Course

Course Topics:

  • Pipeline Integrity Management
  • Coating
  • Technology Today
  • Internal Corrosion
  • Water and Wastewater Management
  • System Diagnostics
  • Fundamentals, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Courses
  • Basic Electricity
  • What's New in Corrosion Control
  • NACE Corrosion Technician Review Course

Special Features:

  • Voluntary Testing—for the Fundamentals, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Courses
  • Outdoor Workshops—providing practical hands-on experience in corrosion measurements on underground structures
  • Over 100 Exhibits—featuring the latest products and services for corrosion protection, corrosion engineering, and pipeline services
  • Roundtable Discussion—a question and answer session on corrosion control procedures
  • Professional Development Hours (PDH) - For licensed professional engineers (P.E.'s) who need annual professional development hours (PDH) as partial requirement for license renewal.